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    Looking to register my two sons one is 3 years okd and the ither is 5. Where can i go about registering and paying for the classes?.

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    My great grandson would like to play soccer this year, I missed registration last year, so he has
    only played the year before. If you could let me know where & when to register him I would appreciate
    it very much. Thank you

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    Hello my name is Melanie DeLisle and I registered my daughter Sophie DeLisle for the U4 soccer team. I am wondering if there is a possibility to have her on the same team as
    Ryder Richardson as this would help us for travel to and from games?

    1. admin

      We have your request, but do not guarantee we can accommodate all requests.

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    I have a hard time to registers online, pages not found

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    Jenna Ferguson U6 girls. (2013) .
    Please place her on a team. We can pay first night.

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    My 16 year old daughter tried out for Beckwith….unfortunately they had only 1 team & she didn’t make it. A friend of my daughters mentioned today that there is a competitive team in Smiths Falls …is this offered? Also we are on Beckwith township if that matters.
    Thanks very much

    1. admin

      We have a girls U16 GLSL team, and a U17G ERSL team. You can register on the main page.

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    i am interested in having my 2 grandsons play soccer
    U8 and U6. please let me know how to register

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    I would like to register my son who is 5 years old and has never played before. Can you please tell me how I can do this as I cant find anywhere that i can do this online.

    1. admin

      On the main page, click the button register now. Some people are having trouble while using their phones.

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    Id like to sign up my son Parker age 7 for U8 soccer not sure how to do online?

    1. admin

      ON the main page you would need to click on the register now button.

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