Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

The Smiths Falls and District Soccer Club (SFDSC) is a not-for-profit organization managed by a volunteer board of directors. Positions on the board of directors are voted in for two-year periods. Voting occurs at the annual general meeting. Positions include: President, Vice-President, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Head Coach and Technical Director, Head Referee, Director of Sponsorships and Fundraising, and Director of Discipline.

The Board of Directors as elected at the most recent Annual General Meeting (January 27, 2019):

President: Amanda Matthews

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary: Julie Cook

Treasurer: Melissa Sargent

Registrar: Melissa Cole

Head Referee: Carol

Head Coach: Rob Stone

Non-Board Member Roles

Director of Development, Competitive and Adult: Stephanie Cannon

Director of Sponsorships and Fundraising: Chris Babcock

Director of Discipline: Hope Evans

Equipment Manager : Alison Manley

SFDSC is always in need of volunteer help! Contact the SFDSC President if you’d like to lend a hand.

Membership: Any member of the Club can be nominated for a position on the board of directors. A “member” is any adult who has paid registration fees in the SFDSC in the previous or ongoing season. The board of directors may also be assisted by other volunteers. Other suitable volunteers may be voted into positions on the board of directors at the discretion of the board.

Meetings: All members of the SFDSC are welcome at Annual General Meetings (AGM), Special General Meetings (SGM) and “open” routine meetings of the board. AGM and SGM dates, locations and times will be published in the Smiths Falls newspapers at least two weeks prior to being conducted. Contact SFDSC if you would like to attend a routine meeting of the board of directors. Discipline hearings and some SFDSC meetings are confidential, and may only be open to members or the public with an invitation from the board of directors.

Ethics: The SFDSC board of directors strives to conduct all business in an open, transparent and responsible manner, with an aim to bring about consensus-based decisions that benefit the Club and its membership.