Registration Information

Registration for the 2018 season:

An online registration system was introduced last year.  This year we are removing the “pay later” option. If you are registering online you must pay by credit card.  If you are paying in person you must pay in cash.

Any family / player that registered last season online will be able to logon again this year using their primary contact ID they created last year.  Families / players new to the online system will need to create their registration system ID.

The online process involves a “primary contact” for a family to create a family account and then adding all the members of that family that are going to be players or are an alternate contact for the family. Once family members have been added, then they can be registered to a soccer program and the system will guide you through the registration process of asking player specific questions and prompting you for answers to the waivers.  When that is all completed you can proceed to the payment page where you can pay via credit card.


Note, if you are the family primary contact and you intend to register for a soccer program, please note the special additional step as identified in the registration “how to” guide.



For a step by step guide on “how to” register please review this document   PDF image


To register online, please follow this link  register button