Notes from EODSA and OSA

This page contains Notes or Announcements from the EODSA and OSA for coaches to be aware of:

April 20, 2016 – Incorporating Physical Literacy in our Practices 

This new Player Development resource provides examples of how clubs and coaches can efficiently incorporate physical literacy training into grassroots soccer programs. In a day and age where kids aren’t as active, teaching fundamental movement skills is more important than ever. 

Click here to read Incorporating Physical Literacy in our Practices. 

April 6, 2016 – Mandatory Coaching Certification Requirement approved

The Technical Advisory Committee has approved to make it mandatory for all coaches in all District Competitive Leagues and higher to have completed the required LTPD specific courses with respect to the age groups they are coaching in, effective April 2017.

Coaches will also be required to complete the online module ‘Making Head Way in Soccer Concussion Course’ provided by the National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP).

Click here for more information on this decision.

February 9, 2016 – Reminder: Exhibition Game Process

Dear Members,

Just a reminder regarding the process for Exhibition Games as some teams have forgotten the required process.

To ensure that we meet the OSA requirements for capturing information for insurance and discipline purposes, please see the below document for the process of Exhibition Games. There is also a blank Game Sheet that will be used to list the game information and will be submitted by referees to EODSA.

Please inform your Coaches and Team Managers of the process as Referees will require games sheets be provided by each team at each game.

Further information regarding Hosting and Traveling to Exhibition Games can also be found on our website.